Radio club “Aco Vučković” YU1ABH-YU1FLM-YT2W was founded in june 1947. as the second radio club organisation in Yugoslavia. Founders were enthusiasts loving radio and electronics.

During 70 years of work, club members left significant trace in amateur-radio history and history of City of Užice.

It’s walls were always decorated by number of significant prizes for achievements in world and domestic amateur-radio competitions as most care was taken to educate and grow well trained amateur-radio operators of world class.

Besides radio operating, club member were always interested and involved in building various radio-and electronic devices and antennas.

Radio-amateurs built the first street acoustic installation, the first Yugoslav mobile radio-station was designed and built in 1949.  by member of this club, the first city television was broadcasted in 1983. and it was done by radio-amateurs that build transmitter and produced TV program.

Oneof the first home computers in Užice was located in this radio-club and opened way to the world of computing and information technologies to many.

These widespread activities made this radio-club an incubator that gathered and grow lovers and talents for radio, electronics, informatics that became top experts.

If needed, radio-amateurs were always putting their equipment and knowledge available to the society. Probably the most significant contribution is their active participation during aggression of NATO alliance against Yugoslavia in 1999. when they had important role in communications.

Radio club activities stagnated after 2005, when club was left alone by city government and lost funds and premises. At the end of 2015. radio club got premises again and restored activities. It is now located in Dečanska 19 street. The first amateur radio courses were held, exams are organized and new amateur radio-operators were promoted.

There are plenty of ideas and plans for further activites. YU1ABH lives!