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Young radio amateurs brought eight medals to Užice

In Grza near Paraćin (Serbia) from July 14th to 19th Young amateur radio camp is held. It was organized by Amateur radio Union of Serbia and Radio club “Kosmos” YU1GUV from Paraćin.

Five young operators from Užice participated in camp: Janko Mihailović YU3EEA, Kristina Janković YU3EYL, Andrija Petrić YU4EEW, Petar Despotović YU4FPS and Lazar Mihailović YU4TDX. Bogdan Stepanov YU5BOX, young operator from Zrenjanin also joined the team. Team went to camp leaded by senior operators Milan Milovanović YU1ZZ and Predrag Supurović YT9TP.

Camp gathered about 30 young operators from all over the Serbia. Activities were training in amateur radio goniometry, antenna building, introduction of Red Cross organization, training in first aid application and other.

Free time was used for mingling, visiting Grza park and also makng QSO zsing cap station.

During the camp, two contests were herd, one in amateur radio goniometry and other in high speed telegraphy.

Young operators from Užice, who were first time participating in such meeting, participated in contest and surprised everyone by wining in total eight medals: two gold, one silver and five bronze.

Janko Mihailović YU3EEA won the first place in high speed telegraphy, and the third place in radio-goniometry.

Andrija Petrić YU4EEW won the first place in radio-goniometry.

Lazar Mihailović YU4TDX won the third place in high speed telegraphy and the second place in radio-goniometry.

Kristina Janković YU3EYL won the third place in high speed telegraphy and the third place in radio-goniometry.

Petar Despotović YU4FPS wont the third place in radio-goniometry.

Bogdan Stepanov also showed good result winning the fourth place in radio-goniometry.

Outside of contensting, yonugsters from Užice also show knowledge and abilities in other activities, representing city of Užice at best.

Besides medals, team brought back something very valuable: new freindships.