Нови оператори у YU1ABH

Small ceremony was held in Radio club “Aco Vučković” YU1ABH on August26th to deliver diplomas to new ham radio operators.

New operators are:

Ivan Đoković (1961), class 1, YU2IVO,
Ljubivoje Marinović (1985), class 2, YT1ZOP,
Petar Despotović (1999), class 3, YU4FPS,
Aleksandar Jovanović (1980), class 3
Jovan Lazarević (1999), class 3, YU4AXA,
Miodrag Marić (1968), class 3,
Lazar Mihailović (2004), 3. klasa, YU4TDX and
Aleksandar Nikolić (1988), class 3.

Diplomas were handed over by Blagomir Mitrašinović YU1XA, club president.

It is of the most significance that club got three young operators Lazo YU4TDX (12),  Jovan YU3AXA (17) and Pero YU4FPS (17) who will, together with Janko YU3EEA (15), who recently passed exam and god license for the first class, will be core if the new generation of amateur radio operators in Užice.

This is significant event for our club, as educating new operators is crown of our efforts to reestablish club activities after ten years of stagnation.