Our radio-club assembled and started the first APRS digipeater in Serbia.

Experimental work started at the beginning of May 2014. It run under temporary, experimental license.

On May 12th, 2014. digipeater runs under regular license and it’s call sign is YU0XUE.

APRS device was assembled and built by Pedja YT9TP), and it works also as Internet gateway.

Node location is center of Užice, Check YU0XUE at APRS network map.

Digipeater range is not large as it is located in walley surrounded by high hills, and itćs main purpose is to provide internet connection for APRS network. Larger area cover around Užice will be provided by additional digipeaters at higher locations.

Identifiaction sign: YU0XUE
Lcience: 34521-057/14 expires on 12.05.2024.
Type: APRS (simplex)
Tx: 144.8 MHz, Rx: 144.8 MHz

Location: Užice, city centre
Latitude: 43.8551667°
Longitude: 19.8441667°
Height above sea level: 410.0 m

Device: home built, power: 1.0 W
Antenna: Ground plane, gain: 2.0 dB, height: 35.0 m

Owner: Radio club “Aco Vučković”
Call sign: YU1ABH
Representative: Blagomir Mitrašinović YU1XA
Administrator: Predrag Supurović YT9TP