Month: October 2017

Young radio amateurs from Užice brought more medals

XV Meeting of Amatur Radio Union of Vojvodina took place in Bački Monoštor at October 8th, 2017. During this event radio-gonimoety and high speed telegraphy contest were organized. out young operators Janko Mihailović YU3EEA and Kristina Janković YU3EYL took place and achieved very good results.

HST juniors YU3EEA gold, YU3EYL silver, YU3VIP bronze

Janko Mihailović YU3EEA, won the first place in high speed telegraphy and fourth place in radio-goniometry.

Kristina Janković YU3EYL, participated only in high speed telegraphy contest and won the second place.

Amateur radio award “Užice 2017”

Užice Award

Amateur radio operators from Užice established  “Užice Award” to celebrate Day of Užice city. Award is organized by Radio club „Aco Vučković“ YU1ABH, Radio club „Sevojno“ YU1AAX and RAdio club „Užice“ YU1ACE.

Award activities are occurring each year between 1st and 16th October. All amateur radio operators who live at the territory of Užice are participating but also other operators that are visiting and operate form Užice area.

This year it is expected about 20 stations to be active working for this award. Award may be won by amateur radio operators from whole World. They are required to make some number of contacts (depending of location) with stations from Užice.

Award attracted significant interest especially from operators stationed in neighboring countries and European countries, but also operators from other continents.

Young amateur radio operators are also participating. Although they do not have their own equipment they use equipment in radio clubs but also equipment of elder operators.

Диплома Ужице