Our radio-club assembled the APRS digipeater on Zlatibor mouintain.

APRS device was assembled and built by Momo YU2MS. Node location is Karaula peak on mountain Zlatibor.

Digipeater location is about 1050 m above sea level, so it has great coverage.

Identification sign: YU0XZL
Licence: 34521-080/17
Type: APRS (simplex)
Tx: 144.8 MHz, Rx: 144.8 MHz

Location: mt Zlatibor, Karaula
Latitude: 43.737°
Longitude: 19.696°
Height above sea level: 1050.0 m

Device: home built, power: 1.0 W
Antenna: Ground plane, gain: 2.0 dB, height: 5.0 m

Owner: Radio club “Aco Vučković”
Call sign: YU1ABH
Representative: Blagomir Mitrašinović YU1XA
Administrator: Momčilo Spasenić YU2MS