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Janko YU3EEA in CQ WW DX SSB 2016

Janko YU3EEA (15 years old) took part in this year CQ WW DX SSB as guest on YU1AAX contest location.
He worked using his personal call sign YU3EEA in category single operator rookie. He operated on 14 MHz band only.
In two days of contesting, Janko made 969 QSOs with amateur radio operators from 88 countries.

Lazo YU4TDX calls CQ

Lazo YU4TDX (14 years) calls CQ and we recorded it to show on lectures how it is done.

Hams from Užice honoring Užice City Day

Radio amateurs from Užice are honoring Užice City Day, October 9th, establishing Užice Award.
Three radio clubs located in Užice are participatingin this event: Radio club “Aco Vučković” YU1ABH, Radio club “Sevojno” YU1AAX Sevojno and Radio club “Užice” YU1ACE.
Užice Award targets radio amateurs from all over the World. Their task is to collect sufficient number of points by making contacts (QSOs) with amateur radio stations […]

Radio club is moved to new location

Radio club is moved to new premises in Dečanska 19 street (Užice).

Diplomas delivered to new amateur radio operators

Novi operatori u YU1ABH
Small ceremony was held in Radio club “Aco Vučković” YU1ABH on August26th to deliver diplomas to new ham radio operators.
New operators are:
Ivan Đoković (1961), class 1, YU2IVO,
Ljubivoje Marinović (1985), class 2, YT1ZOP,
Petar Despotović (1999), class 3, YU4FPS,
Aleksandar Jovanović (1980), class 3
Jovan Lazarević (1999), class 3, YU4AXA,
Miodrag Marić (1968), class 3,
Lazar Mihailović (2004), 3. klasa, YU4TDX […]

The first mention of amateur radio in Užice

prvipomenradioamaterauuzicuRadio amateurs in Užice are first mentioned in announcement of Federal Board for amateur radio on June 3rd 1947. which announced resolution to grant activities of initial boards to form radio amateur societies in Belgrade, Titovo Užice and Pančevo.
According to “Radio amater”magazine issue 6/7 from 1947. the first amateur radio society was established on July 2nd, 1947.
Right after […]